Liebherr Cranes Make Rostock a Hub of the New Silk Road – Logistics Manager

Liebherr Cranes Make Rostock a Hub of the New Silk Road – Logistics Manager

The first containers of the New Silk Road have been loaded in the Port of Rostock. EUROPORTS Germany used their recently acquired Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbor cranes to load containers from Xi’an in China. EUROPORTS Germany plans to expand Rostock into a distribution center and also to connect Sweden and Italy to the New Silk Road link.

After a long period of preparation, the first containers of the New Silk Road were loaded at the beginning of April in Rostock’s overseas port. The containers started their journey in the Chinese city Xi’an, which marks the eastern point of the Silk Road. The containers were loaded with electrical appliances, car parts and other consumer goods from China. After a 10,000-kilometre journey, they were transferred fromship to rail by EUROPORTS Germany using Liebherr mobile harbor cranes in the overseas port of Rostock.

In recent years, terminal operator EUROPORTS Germany has prepared itself for the challenges ahead by purchasing two Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbor cranes. Liebherr says the cranes offer maximum flexibility as they can be used throughout the terminal due to their outstanding mobility. In addition to container and general cargo handling, they are also used for heavy duty tandem lifts. With a capacity of up to 144 tonnes per unit, tandem lifts of up to 288 tonnes are possible.

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Danny Gill