NWSA Terminals Remain Open

NWSA Terminals Remain Open

All marine terminals in Seattle and Tacoma continue operations at The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA).

Through a proactive customer outreach program, NWSA are working to provide customized service solutions to mitigate operational disruptions to the supply chain.

The NWSA has also developed a business continuity plan in coordination with key industry partners in light of a forecasted cargo surge in late April to early May.

Keeping health and safety a top priority for everyone working on the waterfront, each terminal has modified its business continuity plan in response to the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To slow the spread of the virus, the international and domestic terminals have adopted mitigation plans, which include the implementation of social distancing measures, a reduction in access to terminals for nonessential personnel and minimizing in-person contact between workers and customers.