Selling Courses Online With Teachable – Logistics Business Review

Selling Courses Online With Teachable – Logistics Business Review

The online course industry is definitely HUGE! And if you want to sell an online course, most people prefer to do it on a platform rather than trying to host everything yourself. Hosting your course on a real platform has a lot of benefits. Mainly, you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things with running stuff on your own website. You just upload content to the portal, through the platform interface, and that’s how your course is made.

There are a number of online course creation platforms, but the main one is Teachable which claims to have made over $300,000,000 in online course sales across all its course vendors.

Teachable is not perfect, though, so you should do a little bit of research on it before hosting your course on it. The best Teachable review online is (in my humble opinion) this one as it not only goes into good detail about the platform, but includes other user reviews for Teachable from a lot of different course creators.

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